#7 . Juan Vico

Juan Vico was born in Badalona, ​​in 1975. He has written the novels El animal más triste (2019), Los bosques imantados (2016), El teatro de la luz (2013), Hobo (2012), the poetry books La balada de Molly Sinclair (2014); Still Life (2011), Víspera de ayer (2005) and the story book El Claustro Rojo (2014). He holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication and a Master's Degree in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature. He collaborates in numerous media and was editor in chief of the Quimera literary magazine (2013-2015). He is a teacher at the Ateneo Barcelonés School of Writing. He was awarded the Barcelona City Council-UNESCO 2018 Montserrat Roig Scholarship, the MonteLeón Foundation Novel Prize (2013) and the Arcipreste de Hita International Poetry Prize (2005).