#6 . Carolina Sanín

Carolina Sanín was born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1973. She is a narrator and a teacher. She has published Todo en otra parte (novel, 2005), Ponqué y otros cuentos (children short story collection, 2010), Los niños (children short story collection, 2014 - English edition: 2017; Argentine edition: Blatt & Ríos, 2018), Alto rendimiento (humor stories, 2017), Dalia (children’s book, 2009), La gata sola (children’s book, 2018. Included in the White Ravens list), as well as the essay books Alfonso X, desventurado Rey Sabio (biographical essay, 2009), Yosuyu (2013), Somos luces abismales (2018, Argentine edition: 2020) and El ojo de la casa (essay, 2019). She has a PhD in Hispanic Literature, with an emphasis in Middle Age Literature, from Yale University. She teaches writing workshops and is a columnist in different media.


REM #6 — Carolina Sanín en Buenos Aires